3/13/21 IG Meeting Take-backs


  • The Napa Valley Intergroup is a meeting of AA group representatives whose purpose is to provide services to Napa Valley AA as a whole.
  • The services that Intergroup provides are: A 24-hour answering service, the Napa AA website, a local AA newsletter, AA literature at cost, meeting schedules, the Birthday Meeting (and chip distribution), an annual AA Anniversary Meeting and Party, and three holiday Alcathons and assorted workshops through the year.
  • In order to provide these services, we depend upon group participation and support. If your group is not represented, please consider joining our efforts by electing an intergroup representative.


  • The NVIG Birthday meeting has obtained permission from Crosswalk Church to use their gym to give out chips for varying lengths of sobriety the Saturday after the birthday meeting from 12-2pm.
  • The Winter Intergroup Newsletter is available on aanapa.org. If you have any contributions for the Napa AA Fellowship Spring Newsletter, please submit to: newsletter@aanapa.org
  • Please send meeting changes to: reportmeetingchange@aanapa.org
  • Hotline could use more Men volunteers. If interested, contact Janet at hotline@aanapa.org
  • IG needs 3 people for Financial Oversight Committee. If interested, contact Lynn L. at lynn@lieberlawyers.com
  • IG is looking for feedback on how IG should allocate its outreach funds to better reach the alcoholic still suffering. Napa Valley Register Ad has been suspended freeing $194/mo.
  • IG is looking for volunteers (groups or individuals) to host a workshop on Sponsorship. If interest, contact Alston at chair@aanapa.org