History of AA in Napa

Articles about the History of the Napa Valley Fellowship, Links to History of AA,  AA Archives articles, and History of Napa Groups.  The articles must be posted as PDF documents without last names where possible.

Early History of AA_in Napa  
The story of covering up the bar bottles in 1944, for AA meetings in Napa, almost got covered up. This is the memory of our city’s elders who shared their recollections through the years, to keep that memory going…” Some achieved sobriety, to not drink again.  Hollywood hasn’t shown AA in War Movies, but it was part of our history… founded back in the 1930’s in Akron, Ohio.

History and Resources at aa.org
The History collection, books, articles, at aa.org online.


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AA Comes of Age

The Good Old Timers

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