Group Resources

Purpose of the Group Resources page is so that groups can download and access their reading forms for the group’s meeting format.  Pamphlets are for service positions for more information for people new to the service position.  The Secretary Resources is another page on the site.

AA Group Service Positions

How To Conduct a Sharing Session.

Suggested Workshop Format


Treasurer Resources

The AA Group Treasurer

        AA Guidelines: Finance

Self Support: Where Money and Spirituality Mix

        DisbursementAddresses for the Quarterly Disbursements

More Group Resources

The AA Group: Where It All Begins

Is Your Group Linked to AA As A Whole?

Meeting Print-Outs

AA Preamble  (smf-92)

The Twelve Steps, Short Form

The Twelve Traditions, Short-Form

The Twelve Traditions, Long Form

Safety Card for AA Groups

Self-Support Card

Anonymity Card

A Word On Anonymity

How the Grapevine Rep of your group can Register.Click on Store in the menu bar at, then the menu bar will change to allow you to click on a product category in the store.Please elect an AA Grapevine Representative for your Group, and have that person register their email at to get the new product updates to announce in Group meetings.  Home page there, has resources for the AAGrapevine Rep or LaVina Rep.