Secretary Resources

Pamphlets and PDFs

Secretary Handbook (PDF)

Treasurer pamphlet.

Pamphlet: The AA Group: Where It All Begins.

Pamphlet: The G.S.R. (General Service Rep)

AA Group Service Positions

AA Group Service Positions (pdf descriptions)

The elected AA Grapevine Rep will tell the group about new books, products and information from AA Grapevine magazine’s Web site. Anyone can sign up at  to get email notifications from the AA Grapevine Web site.  AA Grapevines books, are in the Store link.

Group’s Monthly Business Meeting

The group will have a business meeting once a month, announced in advance so members who wish to attend can plan on attending the Group Business meeting. The elected GSR will facilitate the meeting and the secretary will take notes. The treasurer will give a report, a printed report, and be able to show, pass around, the bank statement for the groups bank account.


Regional Service Assembly

Some large groups also reimburse the GSR for travel in March each year to the PRAASA, Pacific Regional AA Service Assembly.    The Service tab of this site’s menu bar has a link with more information about PRAASA.  AA members and anyone interested in service can attend PRAASA… Nine states are participating in our Pacific Region of AA.

AA Regions of USA and Canada.