About General Service

AA General Service refers to the service structures of the Third Legacy of AA: Service.

The founders made sure that we had a General Service Office, a General Service board that could hire special workers, and an Annual General Service Conference structure.

The A.A. Service Manual and Twelve Concepts for World Service.

Area :  California Northern Coastal Area 06 meets in Petaluma  on the 4th Saturday of the Month except in the month of December when it meets on the third Saturday.  If there is an exception or a change to that pattern, it would be communicated in advance and may be posted on the Area website, http://www.cnca06.org, 

The Area Newsletter in English is called CNCA Comments. The Spanish version is the CNCA Comentarios.  They are online for reading, at the Area website in the sidepanel and people may pay to subcribe to the Area Newsletter…  Check their Web site.

The Annual Service Assembly for our PACIFIC REGION is called P.R.A.A.S.A. for the Pacific Region AA Service Assembly. It meets the first weekend in March each year.  It will be held in Sparks, Nevada in March 2-4,  2018 at the Nugget Hotel and Casino, hosted by Area 42..   Try to attend a PRAASA event if you have a service job in AA.  The Website for P.R.A.A.S.A. is  http://www.praasa.org.  Get a room reservation early as soon as the venue is announced as 9-state service assembly is a lot of people and not all, will get a room at the venue unless they make a reservation early.