Special Meetings

Special Meetings and Service Meetings of the Napa Valley Fellowship

Beginner’s Meeting 
Every Monday – 7:30 PM
United Methodist Church
625 Randolph St., Napa 

Napa Valley Birthday Meeting
Last Friday of Every Month – 7:00 PM
CrossWalk Community Church
2590 First St., Napa
Inner Sanctum off the hallway
(not in Gym)
Napa Valley Intergroup Meeting 
Second Saturday of Every Month – 10:00 AM
Crosswalk Community Church – 
(room near the kitchen, off hallway)
2590 First St., Napa
H & I Business Meeting 
First Friday of Every Month – 6:45 PM
Sea Scout Building
402 Riverside Dr. Napa 
District 11 General Service Meeting
First Saturday – 10:00 AM
Veterans Home; Lincoln Hall – Section A
220 Presidents Circle; Yountville, CA.
NAPYPAA Meeting (Napa Young People in AA)
First and Third Sundays – 5:30 pm
Napa Recovery Resource Center
2407 California Blvd #4, Napa, CA