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Napa Valley Meeting Schedule

Printable Resources for local meetings (PDFs) link to the following….

Sample Group Meeting Format

Literature Order Form

A.A. Preamble

More About Alcoholism

How it Works

The Twelve Steps

The Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous

The A.A. Group

Safety and A.A.: Our Common Welfare


Group Resources – link to the following pamplets/PDF’s

Group Meeting Service Positions




Intergroup Rep

Information about General Service


The Link – Newsletter

Information for Professionals link to the following information….

If You Are a Professional, A.A. Members Are Available to Cooperate with You

Alcoholics Anonymous has many A.A. members and service committees who are available to provide professionals with information about Alcoholics Anonymous. A.A. has a long history of cooperating but not affiliating with outside organizations and being available to provide A.A. meetings or information about A.A. upon request.

To contact a Napa County committee member from our Public Information/Cooperation with the Professional Community, please email:

Below are some additional resources for the professional

AA Links

AA World Services, New York, NY

AA Grapevine          

Download the Big Book

The A.A. Service Manual and 12 Concepts

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