Addresses for Quarterly Group Disbursements (PDF for printing)

Intergroup electronic disbursements: click HERE for PayPal or Venmo @NapaIntergroup-AA

H&I Disbursements Quarterly are from the Pink Cans in your meeting. (

Hospital & Institution Committee
P.O. Box 192490 San Francisco, CA 94119-2490

Specify District 51 on check with group name, and six digit group number, return address. Insert a paper with the name, e-mail, cell of the group contact person in case they have a question. This is only for donations from the pink cans.  Do not take money to the monthly coordinator meeting .  H&I meets at SeaScouts on Riverside Drive in Napa, on the first Monday at 6:45 pm.  Bring questions; get a pink can for your meeting. Have a meeting liaison to H&I. Talk to John C. , if you have an H&I question.  They are in the process of building a new Web site for northern California H&I.  See the link above for more info.

What Percentages?

Percentage of each disbursement are  up to each individual group to decide.  Refer to the pamphlet The Group.   A Treasurer will present the treasurer report, talk about the prudent reserve, and then the group can discuss setting up the Quarterly Disbursemets that are sent out to the following from the 7th Tradition basket (usually quarterly):  General Service Office, Area, District, and Intergroup.

H & I Disbursement

The pink can money is for District 51 of H&I  ( We cannot take money for H&I to the meeting in Napa but it has to be mailed. See the PDF at the top of the page for the Address for H&I contributions.

Check Information

We suggest that checks have the  name of your group and the group number. If you do not know the group number it is on the sign-in sheet at the District Business meeting the first Saturday of the month, if there is no Assembly that month. The Contact Us page of this Website has an e-mail address for Registrar, so use that contact to ask what the group number is.  When General Service Office gets your contribution with the group number, they will send a thank you letter each quarter and acknowledge your contribution.  The District will record your contribution in a Treasurer report in their District minutes. The Intergroup reports contributions in a Treasurer report, usually in the Intergroup Minutes.

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